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House of Speed 

1541 Diamond Drive

Casper, WY 82601

At H.o.S. Casper, our programs are for athletes in all sports, ages 8 and up.  All trainers have been certified by Don Beebe & his staff to teach House of Speed (HoS) methods to enhance sports performance.  We teach speed, grow skills, & build character.  House of Speed training helps athletes develop skills that boost performance in every sport. After using our specialized equipment, analysis tools and personalized performance tracking, our athletes aren’t just fast. They’re strong, agile, powerful and determined to succeed at whatever they take on.

Phone: 307-331-0269 


House of Speed Casper Training

The Play - Super Bowl XXVII

Workouts will help athletes:

 - Sprint faster 40 yard dash 

 - Jump higher & further

 - React & cut better  

 - Get stronger quicker explosive agility training

 - Improve sports performance 

 - Build confidence & character 

Specialized Equipment:

 Power Pull: Develops horizontal acceleration

 Bear Machine: Boosts vertical explosiveness 

 Real Runner: Builds key sprinting muscles 

 Slide Board: Trains cutting technique 

 Terra Core: Balance, stability & core strength 


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